Powys Boarding School For Dogs - The 'Eton College' of the Dog World
Powys Dog Training Services
'One of the Top Training Schools in the U.K'
Canine behaviourists and Trainers
We are often referred to as the 'Eton College' of the dog world and perhaps we are to modest to say that we are the top training school in the U.K, in our field of discipline and obedience. Our 'school' motto being "Dedicated to Discipline and Obedience.".
The school not only trains your dog, but you the dog owner also - you're both schooled together. Please be aware of the fact that we do not attempt to change the character or personality of your canine friend. We appreciate your requirements as being, at the end of the day, a well mannered, behaved and obedient dog...a dog that does not pull when on the lead and a dog that returns to it's handler when called.
Our school course can offer you all the above and much much more.
We can teach your dog 30 plus obediences in just 10 days...YES! Over 30 obedience commands in far less than 2 weeks and, as far as we are aware, the only school in the U.K who teach over 30 obediences in such a short time. We are know internationally for our schooling of dogs.
The school has a highly equipped classroom which is used in the training of the owner on how to handle their canine friend. Also within 2 weeks the owner and dog return to the school for a 'hands on' excercise, lastimg approximately 1 hour. This follow up allows us at the school to monitor, progress and iron out any teething problems.
The establishment also runs a free 'phone-in' advice service for the life of the dog.
Every dog that comes for schooling is trained 50% by a male trainer and 50% by a lady trainer so that your dog is familiar to being given commands by both man and lady.
Every dog prior to the handover is fully demonstrated to the owner in all the taught obediences together with a full comprehensive written 'school report'.
One may ask, why over 30 obediences?
i) The more obediences the greater control over your dog.
ii) The more obediences the greater the bond between dog and handlers.
The school also conduct weekly lessons on a one-to-one basis for those who do not want a residential course.
After your dog has attended one of our courses, you will have a completely different dog...That is, a dog that obeys your commands, a well behaved dog, a dog that respects you, a dog which wants to please you and a dog who knows his place.
Telephone us for details and a general chat about your concerns.
Our fees are very reasonable. We are not motivated by money but by the love of dogs and the work we do with them. 
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